Creating Eden
 inside and out.

I work with Jewish individuals, and organizations to help, heal, and develop their soul self. I focus primarily on the relationship we, and our youth, have with technology, and establish clear, sacred and motivating boundaries to support our ultimate evolution. 

My efforts integrate a variety of tools, from Torah teachings, to natural healing, nutrition, trauma-informed meditation, movement, and, most notably, technology addiction. My goal is to support as many of today’s Jewish youth with the tools, resources, and education needed to #strikeabalance and #ReturntoEden 

Alexa Eden...

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Jewish Thought Leader, Mindful Technology Strategist, and Spiritual Coach.

Habits that Nourish

I believe that our youth need Jewish values, and teaching more now than ever before. 

It is clear that the integration of technology in our lives, the vastness of information being received, and the pace at which we are expected to live our lives, is causing severe challenges in the hearts, and minds of our people. 

There is no better moment in time than now to deeply encourage and promote the sacred practice of Shabbat.

My approach gently guides and illuminates students through today’s tech-driven culture, to a place of inner peace, patience and kindness.  

The Journey to Eden celebrates all Jews, from a variety of backgrounds, empowering them to look within, find their truth, and their place, within the Jewish story. 

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“I’d rather feel the need to be constantly connected to the creator of the universe than to my phone.” 

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A little about me… 

I grew up in New York, just outside of Manhattan, in a “tradition-ox” family. 

We lit candles, enjoyed Friday night dinner, and were quite involved in our synagogue (although, we weren’t by any means, “orthodox”). In college, I was introduced to Torah learning through MEOR on campus, and from there, began to explore what being Jewish really meant to me.

After graduation, I found myself working at a high-pressure sales job in Soho, Manhattan, when I began to question what life was all about. There had to be something more than staying late, closing deals, gaining Instagram followers, and enjoying nice meals out. So, I began to explore my way to spirituality through meditation and mindfulness. 

I found a lot of benefits to these practices, but on a soul level, something was missing. It wasn’t until I began to re-engage with my Jewish life, that I realized what it was. Kedusha. Everytime I left a Jewish event, I felt full, whole, connected. So, a few subsidized trips to Israel later, and I finally felt like I didn’t have to seek anymore. That the secrets of Judaism were only starting to reveal themselves, and that a life spent stepping into my Jewish self would be a life worth living. 

So, here I am today, sharing how having a spiritual practice, rooted in Torah wisdom, combined with the brilliance of health, and healing, can and will be incredibly powerful in bringing the redemption we are all so ready for. 

Each client, organization, and community I work with has their own spiritual, health, and healing needs. As a public speaker, my approach is blended, intentional, and tailored to meet the goals and initiatives of your community efforts. 

Whether it be through workshops, panel discussions, fundraisers, Shabbatons, or some other engagement, my message will be delivered in a way that moves and inspires your community to take action in their overall health, healing and spiritual journey. 

 Let’s work together to bring your community to their most aligned and powerful Jewish selves. 

Strike A Balance

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